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I am a shotgun shooter who started shooting in 1977 in a small huntingclub in Stange- Norway. I was only 7 years old when I shot my first rounds at the range. My first competition was a local hunting trap competition at age 9. After this I was really hooked on the sport and I shot regular competitions in this discipline until 1989 when I started at a discipline with more shots and two days. In between everything I also shoot Olympic trap and participated as a junior in the European Championships in 1990. In the fall of 1996 the first skeet range was build and after this it has been almost skeet only. Sometimes I just shoot a little sporting for fun and I managed to win the national championships in 1997 and was awarded “His Majesty King Haralds trophy” . This is a trophy which is not easy to achieve in shooting.

There has been a lot of small and bigger achievements during the years but I was always “one target” behind all the action for a few years in skeet. 2003 was my first final in a WC competition and I managed to shoot 25 fin the final + winning the shootoff. There in Lonato, Italy I got my first medal in a WC competiton – Bronze – finally !!

The next really good competition was pre Olympics in Athens 2004. I shot 123/125 and 24 in the final. I got into a shootoff for gold against Bill Roy from USA. I managed to win this and my first gold medal was in my pocket. It was the proof of never giving up. After winning the total World Cup in 2004, I was really satisfied.

2005 was a really bad season but 2006 started very good with a silver medal and a quota for Beijing at the WC in Kerrville Texas. After a shootoff with two Danish shooters for the quota it was a really nice trip back home knowing I had it. World Championships in Zagreb was also a good competition and I got the bronze medal after a really good final. Worldcup final I placed number 3 and bronze medal.

2007 was a struggling year again one target behind the finals. But I realized that I needed to really prepare for the important 2008 season.

I started up getting the silver medal again in WC Kerrville Texas. Two times in a row just missing out on the gold. That summer I really worked hard against the Olympics in Beijing. In the last WC in Belgrade I was in the final again and shooting a good final + winning two shootoffs. Something was on the way .. ECH was the last competition before the games, everything was going my way and I equaled the two world records by shooting 125 + 25 and a total of 150 targets.

We had our precamp in Belgrade, we shot two sessions a day and a total of 500 shots. This is really the best trainingcamp I ever had. We arrived in Beijing a few days before the competition and moved into the village. We did not get to shoot during the day because of a mistake in the schedule. We got a few shots in the late afternoon the two days before the competition, but very good shooting. The light condition was not as they would be in the competition but we got to shoot a few shots.

It was a really shiny background meeting us at the first day, not easy to see the targets at all. The targets was looking small and fast. I shot 71 the first day and was a couple of targets behind. The goal for the second day was 50 straight, I managed 49 and it was enough to reach the final at second place. I was the only one to shoot 25 in the final and got into a shootoff for gold. I did not win this one but I was really happy to get the silver medal. Not often you have the chance of getting a Olympic medal in our sport. The season was ended with a total victory in the World Cup final in Minsk. A very good year with 4 medals out of 7 possible

2009 was a little bumpy in the start but I managed to get a bronze medal in WC San Marino that summer. ECH in Osijek was a big surprise when I shot 125 straight and 25 in the final again. Second ECH title in a row. Placed number 4 in the World cup final in Beijing.

The year of 2010 started really good with a gold medal and 124+25 in WC Acapulco, then in Beijing for the second WC, 124 and 25 again and the second gold medal of the year, In a row. The rest of the season was bumpy and I finished 5 in the World Cup final.

Now the 2011 season is starting and we will see what happens …


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