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Norwegian State Lottery is my employer and one of my biggest supporters. Norwegian State Lottery is also a major sponsor to Norwegian Sports.

Perazzi is my supplier of guns. They produce some of the best guns in the world for shooting and hunting. Take a few minutes to visit their website and read the story about Danielle Perazzi. It is also recomended to take a tour to see the different models of guns. A great thanks to Perazzi and the whole Perazzi team in Brescia for the contribution to make my results better.

Rangemaster is the producer of the best electronics for running a shootingrange. My range is equipped with phonopull, paymentsystems, scoreboard and manual controlsystems from Rangemaster.

Clever Mirage is the producer of one of the best sport and hunting cartridges in the world.

Cens Digital is the earplugs i use on the shootingrange. Please protect your hearing. I spend several hours on the shootingrange almost every day of the year. With these plugs i dont have to worry about beeing safe from destructive sound. With traditional earmuffs i always took it off when people spoke to me. Now i dont have to do that :-)


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